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    Tax-free Income Planning

    No one likes paying taxes; especially on the retirement money you worked so hard to accumulate.  And then, you may even have to pay taxes on your social security. Did you know that with the Trump Tax Plan, we are in the lowest tax situation we have been in for decades.  And we have until 2026 to take full advantage of it. With help from Legacy DLC, Inc., there are ways to secure tax-free retirement income that can help you “divorce the IRS”.  And it’s all legal and supported by Tax Code Laws.

    There is nothing more powerful than tax-free income during your retirement years.  Maximize and protect what you’ve worked toward your entire life; a carefree retirement.

    If you want tax free income at retirement without the risk of losing any of your money in the stock market, watch this short video to learn how sections 101 and 7702 of the tax code enable you to save, grow, and protect your money for a tax free retirement.

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    Be proactive and let us help you develop a plan to reach your financial goals, including a comfortable retirement.  We can show you options that will significantly impact how your retirement money is taxed.  And our goal for all our clients is to provide as much TAX-FREE income as possible.