Meet David & Lisa Camacho


The husband-and-wife team of David and Lisa Camacho are Trusted Advisors and Licensed Agents who are changing the landscape of Estate Planning and Retirement Planning. They know how to protect your hard-earned money from unnecessary downside risk in the stock market. Their proven strategies outperform traditional investment methods.

Also, they provide Tax-free Income Planning, like no other, using a proprietary strategy designed to provide you with tax-free income during your retirement years. They have helped hundreds of clients achieve this goal. There is nothing more powerful than tax-free income!

They have spent their professional careers in executive sales, management and business ownership. In 2011, God changed their professional direction to focus on wealth development and investing as stock market traders. Together they established Legacy DLC, Inc. to specialize in Capital Development and Investor Training. This new venture involved traveling the U.S. teaching large groups of individuals how to increase their wealth and personal assets by trading in the U.S. Stock Market.

In 2016, they focused their efforts exclusively on helping individuals and families with Estate Planning, Retirement Planning and Tax-free Income Planning. Together, they have helped hundreds of clients develop a solid retirement plan so they, too, can establish their own Legacy!


“God has given us a gift that we are able to use as our ministry to help others secure and grow the gifts that He has given them.“