Meet David & Lisa Camacho


The husband-and-wife team of David and Lisa Camacho are Trusted Advisors and Licensed Agents who are changing the landscape of Estate and Legacy Planning. They are recognized as leaders in their field and focus their efforts on helping individuals and families in understanding the need for Estate and Legacy planning.

For many years, they have been utilizing their proprietary estate planning process and platform to bring the level of knowledge and enlightenment you would expect from seasoned estate planning specialists. Together, they have helped hundreds of clients develop a solid “Legacy Plan”.

They have spent their professional careers in executive sales, management and business ownership. Part of this involved traveling the U.S. teaching large groups of individuals how to increase their wealth and personal assets by trading in the U.S. Stock Market.

In 2011, God changed their professional direction to focus on family legacy planning because of the catastrophes they had seen when proactive planning was not available to the most vulnerable families in America; the working-class men and women that make up this great country.

David and Lisa always look forward to doing what they call the “3 E’s” with the clients that they work with – Educate, Enlighten, and Empower. Over the years they have helped hundreds of clients with their estate planning needs and they wait in anticipation to help you establish a Legacy for you and your family for many generations.


“God has given us a gift that we are able to use as our ministry to help others secure and grow the gifts that He has given them.“