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    Asset Protection

    • Do you worry about your financial security all the way through your retirement?
    • Are you afraid of running out of money before you die?
    • Are you worried you will not have a plan to take care of your spouse when you are no longer there?

    According to CNBC, most Americans close to retirement have saved only 12% of what they need.  ( 3/19/2018).  The number one fear of those approaching retirement is outliving their savings and retirement funds.

    Also, 72% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of Long-Term Care during their lives with an average cost of $300,000 (or more) (AARP & Morningstar 8/20/2018).

    Legacy DLC, Inc. can help you overcome those fears by developing a personalized plan to not only get you through your retirement, but help you leave a legacy for the ones you love.  Don’t sit back and think there is nothing you can do to improve your financial situation.  We can help you change the landscape of your retirement.

    The key we use to build your personalized plan is a proprietary strategy which has helped hundreds of individuals and families achieve their ideal retirement… even when it looked like there was no hope.

    Partners Working for You – Three Simple Steps:

    1. We start by identifying what your ideal retirement picture would look like.
    2. Then we assess your financial situation to determine what we can to do to get you there.
    3. The key we use to build your ideal retirement is our proven “Legacy Model”.  This will create a solid plan of action that will give you a stress-free lifestyle.  And you’ll never have to worry about outliving your money or having to spend it all on Long-term Care expenses.  And as an added BONUS, a vast majority of your income will be Tax-Free.

    And we don’t stop there; we and our highly-trained support team are with you for life to continually monitor your plan and make adjustments as your life evolves.