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    The Need for Estate Planning is Vast

    How do you want to be remembered by the family you love the most when you are gone?  Do you want your wishes to be carried out exactly the way you desire?

    Having a Will is not enough.  What most people don’t realize is that with or without a Will, your estate is going to Probate Court.  Probate Court can be a nightmare for your family left behind to settle your Estate; not to mention, costly, due to attorney fees, court fees and probate fees.  And did you know that your estate becomes public information, and anyone can make a claim on your estate; even fraudulent claims?  All of this can be avoided by implementing a Living Trust.

    Watch these short videos to learn why so many people are calling Legacy DLC, Inc. to create their own personalized Living Trust. Our eStatePlan™ is the most innovative way to affordably, easily and quickly create your Living Trust and also secure your most important medical and financial documents in one place.



    50% of individuals believe that Estate Planning is only for the ultra-rich.  If you have a home, banking/saving account, investment and/or retirement account, then you need a Living Trust.  Call Legacy DLC, Inc. to learn how to create your Living Trust today with eStatePlan™.

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